Saturday, December 11, 2004

SoulSeek ChatReader

SoulSeek ChatReader is a command prompt utility to read stored SoulSeek pm conversations and output them to text files.


Just download, unzip to any location, and double-click. It creates a Chatlog folder inside your SoulSeek program folder (normally C:\Program Files\SoulSeek), and writes a separate text file in there for each conversation currently held in pchat.cfg. Log files are named by person and sequentially numbered, for example: threetwosevensixseven_003.txt.

Contents of C:\Program Files\SoulSeek\Chatlogs\Britney5361_002.txt:

Conversation with Britney5361 logged at 11/12/2004 12:19:26:
[Shatner's Bassoon] hi there
[Shatner's Bassoon] i like love your music
[Britney5361] ty a lot of the boyz luv it
[Shatner's Bassoon] lolz

Contents of C:\Program Files\SoulSeek\ChatlogsChristOnABike_004.txt:

Conversation with ChristOnABike logged at 11/12/2004 12:19:26:
[ChristOnABike] omg another useless converstion
[Shatner's Bassoon] go away, did I give you permission to speak to me?
[ChristOnABike] :*
[Shatner's Bassoon] :*

SoulSeek ChatReader only works with versions of SoulSeek which have a pchat.cfg, which came in somewhere between 154test1 and test154test3i. We'll all be upgrading to 155 soon anyway, so it will work for everyone then. SoulSeek used to leave chat in there indefinitely, but on later versions it clears each conversation down when you close the window.

You can run it in silent/non-interactive mode with the /s switch (for example C:\Program Files\SoulSeekChatReader\SoulSeekChatReader.exe /s), making it suitable to be scheduled or something. The main point of the /s switch is to make SoulSeek ChatReader exit on finishing, rather than wait for Return to be pressed. Non-silent/interactive mode is doubleclick-friendly, as it always waits allowing the output to be read, instead of flashing up and disappearing again.

Gives more detailed error message when handling unexpected errors.
No longer breaks when creating logfiles for usernames containing illegal characters (\ / : * ? " < > |).

Now outputs name and location of created logfiles at the end.
Fixed problem with blackslashes in SoulSeek registry path (differences between new and old installer).
Now always waits before exiting upon unexpected errors.

Release version.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Helloo mate!
Thanks for this program, It's been a long time "I've wanted this feature added to soulseek!
I have another idea for improvement, just an idea:
perhaps make it into a nice app that allows you to also launch "play" the files you downloaded...
Again thanks for this program, Thumbs up!!!

I've got many ideas for soulseek...

Drop me a line if you like, in soulseek, name is Treelip. Feel free to browse my files :)

1:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oops man sorry! I posted a comment in the wrong page lol... What I wrote in your Chat app page was meant for the soulstat app...
see you around

1:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thx, nice proggie. Does what it should. Pitty the old conversations are gone in version 155, ChatReader is a good solution.

1:41 pm  

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