Saturday, March 12, 2005

SoulSeek QueueMerge

SoulSeek QueueMerge is a command prompt utility to merge two SoulSeek queue configuration files.


Files may be fully qualified with a path (avoiding the need to rename them), or alternatively source files may be renamed and placed in the same directory as SoulSeek QueueMerge (avoiding the need to type long paths).

More than two files can be merged, by merging the first with the second, then merging the merged result with the third, etc.

Merging is done intelligently. For example:
  • The higher of the two supplied Max D/L, Max U/L and Extra List User U/L are used;
  • Upload permitted users appearing in both source files are not duplicated;
  • Source files containing different Accept Uploads From settings are merged to contain the most generous of the two settings.
Designed for SoulSeek version 155.

Example syntax:

Example output:

Release version.


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